Last Frontier Gunstock offers top quality wood at prices
 black powder shooters can afford.
I don't build, sell or buy anything that does not
reflect beauty and quality.


All lumber in my shop is kiln dried between 6-8% moisture content

and is professionally planed on both sides.


We cut lumber to your specifications for your gunstock,
crafts, or exotic furniture.
Exquisite figure for string instrument making. 
Also great for guitars and pool cue sticks. 
We cut blanks for rifles, shotguns, two-piece rifles,
and book matched pistol grips.
Ideal for all different Muzzleloader gunstock styles,
plenty of wood for your carving.
We specialize only in black walnut lumber and highly figured
tiger stripe curly maple blank gunstocks
for the serious gun builder. 
You have seen the rest now look at the best! 


The pictures of all lumber are natural, that means NOT WET
to magnify or stimulate the curls appearance. 
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